The One Thing Workshop

the one thing workshop


“When you know how to identify and focus on your ONE Thing, the right ONE Thing, your productivity and peace will increase simultaneously, and your goals will be attainable.”
Les McGehee, Director of ONE Thing Certification Program


The Official, Certified ONE Thing Workshop, under the leadership of program co-creator and Director of ONE Thing certification, Les McGehee, is a results-driven training and coaching program that puts the tools and techniques from The ONE Thing into the hands of people ready to fire up their focus for achievement in their professional and personal lives. Using state-of-the-art interactive exercises, habit-building, and guided self-discovery techniques, Les’ dynamic presentations dismiss the thieves that steal productivity and usher in high-level skills of empowered focus and planning.


The ONE Thing One-day Workshop includes:


• The Seven Most Important Areas of Your Life

• The Six Lies Between You and Success

• The Simple Path to Productivity

• Extraordinary Results Require a Great Answer

• Team and Individual Alignment Planning with the GPS and 4-1-1 Tools

• The Three Commitments

• Goal Setting to the Now

• The Focusing Question and Habit-Building

• Extreme Pareto (Leveraging the 80/20 Rule)

• Time Blocking

• Five Steps to Getting Purposeful

• The Four Thieves that Rob You of Your Productivity

• Your Big Why

• Putting The ONE Thing to Work


Participant comments:

“The ONE Thing Workshop has supercharged the productivity in my office. My team time blocks the same hours and supports each other’s focus.”

“The ONE Thing Workshop helped me to zero in on my true purpose. Now I have a guiding light as I move forward. The ONE Thing workshop will help you find yours as well!”

“I have never worked with anyone that has had such an immediate and significant positive impact on my productivity and clarity as you. I had extremely high expectations that were more than satisfied.”