Michael Jones Mortgage Training and Coaching

Michael Jones is passionate about the mortgage industry.  He is the author of the book RESET, and Chief Financial Officer for Georgetown Mortgage.  RESET not only provides solutions to the issues you’ve faced with loan files, but it outlines a proven, strategic framework for restructuring your life to reach all the goals you’ve set for yourself and achieve unlimited success.  He is committed to improving the mortgage industry through training, coaching, and writing.


More from Michael: I decided to leave public accounting in October 2012 to enter the mortgage industry as a loan officer in Dallas. Using my background in taxes, I became a self-employment and credit specialist and quickly gained the trust of Realtors I contacted and worked with. Because of my diligent and thorough reading of the Fannie and investor guidelines, I could give a Realtor an answer within 5 – 10 minutes as to whether a deal could be completed or was salvageable. After a number of years as a Loan Officer, I realized my WHY was to assist Loan Officers with discovering their greatest potential and re-connecting with their WHY. I still hold my license and close loans. Now I am dedicated to rejuvenating mortgage careers, which I have been doing successfully for over a year leading up to and following the book’s popularity.



RESET is the story of Mark, a loan officer who has hit a personal and professional ceiling. His career, his marriage, and his future are all up in the air, and his foundation is shaken. He’s on his last chance, and he’s not sure he wants to take it.

Now, after a chance encounter with an old friend and colleague in the business, Mark is presented with a challenging opportunity that can radically change his life. A change that could not only allow him to achieve his dreams and provide an abundant life for his family, but a change that could inject long-forgotten purpose, meaning and fulfillment back into his career and very soul.



Find out how you can learn from Michael’s years of mortgage experience and proven concepts from his book RESET:

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