Kathryn Lewis-Peacock Core Coach, Director of Organizational Development

Kathryn Lewis-Peacock is an entrepreneur and business strategist with a passion for coaching and training. As a lawyer for many years, she specialized in civil rights, housing, employment, and nonprofit development. She has since shifted her focus from legal client work to business development, entrepreneurial ventures, coaching, and teaching.

Kathryn’s unique expertise bridges the nonprofit and for-profit worlds and the emerging structures of start-ups and social entrepreneurship. One of her students once called her a “master communicator,” and she prizes this title above any of her professional degrees or certifications.

With extensive training in mediation, dispute resolution, coaching, teaching, and business development, she is prepared to help any organization, regardless of where they are in their growth trajectory. As a lawyer and an artist, she brings a highly creative perspective to organizational development, marketing, and an organization’s vision.

When Kathryn is not working with clients, she is living with her husband in Austin, Texas, with their “zoo” of four children and a collection of pets, making art or music, watching sci-fi, cooking delicious food, or teaching mindfulness meditation.