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"Whether you think you can, or think you can’t,
either way you are right." Henry Ford



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Focuses include Business Development, Leadership Growth, and Vision Expansion.

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"I came to Alan Rice as a coach via Lisa Drapkin at the Compass Miami retreat on the beach on the last day. Lisa and I were collaborating without ego and talking about the future of our businesses etc. I said that I was a bit stuck and needed a push to stop talking about what I needed to do and to get started doing it. She asked me if I had ever used a coach and I said no. Hence Alan Rice from Rialto came into my life. I didn’t know what I was looking for and who I would want to work with or even what I really wanted and needed. In our first call with Alan, he was kind, calm, smart, and witty, asking good and probing questions. He made me feel comfortable with my vulnerabilities and I felt good from our first call. So we agreed to continue on. Alan has helped us create a pathway and a plan to help us with our business. In the first meeting in person, we talked about the 4 pillars and how you work not in a linear sense but in a circular sense and that has stuck with us.

The coaching that we have been doing with Alan is along the lines of team culture, growth, accountability, and more. Alan has had calls with each of our team members and has helped with an all-day retreat that we put together. He has worked to interview prospective hires and helped us write job postings. Alan will be by your side to help implement the steps you need to take and act as your strategic partner. If you are looking for someone smart, kind, well-read and someone who will challenge you to think outside the box, Alan is the right person for you."

Ellen Grubert REALTOR® | Ellen + Janis Real Estate Team | Compass

“There are people in the industry that I’ve known for a long time that I have a HIGH respect for, that speak so well of YOU and highly recommend you, so I’m delighted to get together with Rialto Academy and start helping agents thrive in my market!”

Steve Hammond The Real Estate Learning Group