The One Thing Group Coaching Webinar

The perfect partner in your 66-Day Challenge!

The ONE Thing Group Coaching Webinar is an eight-week intensive online group coaching ONE Thing multimedia course.

Live and interactive.

Taught by Les McGehee, Certification Director for the ONE Thing, author, coach and highly sought after speaker.\

Each week includes a workbook series and structured learning to achieve your goals and set your priorities.

Designed to work in tandem with you own personalized 66-Day Challenge

Les and special guests as you transform your professional and personal experience.


Group coaching is an intensive environment where you engage the ONE Thing with other people who are on a similar journey. It is a fantastic way to experience the benefits of coaching before committing to your own individual coaching program.

This newly launched webinar series is based on the award winning ONE Thing Teleseminar Group Coaching program. The hundreds of attendees of ONE Thing Group Coaching Teleseminar, led by Les McGehee, returned to take the course multiple times, gave it rave reviews and experienced incredible growth as they achieved extraordinary results. This debut webinar promises to bring the ONE Thing Group Coaching experience to new heights.

This unique webinar is hosted by MAPS business, the training company of the authors of the ONE Thing.  It is written and produced by the training curriculum team that won No. 1 training in the world among all industries from Training Magazine in 2015 and 2017. They are the current No. 1 training company in the world! And, of course, the award-winning design team from The ONE Thing book is back for the graphics of the workbook.


End 2017 with the ONE Thing journey to mastery and begin 2018 ready to achieve your most extraordinary results of your life.


New dates to be announced shortly.


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