Should Texas lenders and realtors make money from the Hurricane Harvey recovery?

Yes? Or Yes?

The police passed through the neighborhoods using their loudspeaker with an oddly gentle Texas twang. “Y’all must leave. This is a mandatory evacuation. The time to leave is now. You must leave now.” Our neighborhood braced to lose our homes and possessions, and left. Thanks to God and the minor movements of the hurricane path there were few injuries. The coast was devastated though. You’ve seen the pictures, think about it being twice that bad and not getting better for weeks. And even then so many Texans can’t live in their home or go to work.

Texans help Texans. But how?

We couldn’t get back into the area. We couldn’t get those people out of the area. We couldn’t send food, there was no way in. We couldn’t send money, there were no banks, no stores, no ATMs, no supplies left. We went through days of watching helplessly as a fleet of amazing volunteers came in with military equipment, the Cajun Navy, neighbor-leaders, etc. A rowboat was infinitely more helpful than money or great intentions could be. Finally rescue started to become recovery.

“Recovery” = livable homes, open businesses, and the ability to go to work. BUSINESS. Business will fuel the recovery.

Yes the government and organizations will help but recovery will be when we can live and work again, and do BUSINESS. If you work in Texas and you are expecting there to be a slow down in business, you are grossly mistaken and may be part of the problem! You need to plan on doing twice as much business. If you slow down I would accuse you of being part of the problem instead of part of the recovery.

Lenders and realtors should make money from the Harvey recovery? OMG yes, we need you to.

First of all it’s not about your money so to begin with lets get our focus back onto the people that need recovery. As lenders and realtors helping them recover, money will be made, it is a product of the system. As lenders and realtors we are uniquely positioned to help though, and we must help. That’s where we need to focus, on increased business activity that helps. Whether or not you yourself make money is not so relevant.

It can be done wrong. Of course this is not the time to focus on making extra profit for yourselves. Yet it is time to do double the business and be part of the recovery, and, a consequence of that is that lenders and realtors will likely make much money. If it is made while helping Texans recover, the rest of us thank you for helping Texas.

It’ll be even better!

Not only can you be part of a better Texas, disaster recovery programs provide opportunities that will provide much advantage for some people in recovery. Like first-time homeowners, for instance. Disaster programs will provide ways for renters to become owners like never before. Lenders and realtors that are focused on helping people will have more powerful ways to help than ever before. We can lead the way to a recovery of homes, business, and workplaces.

How to help forever?

There will be another hurricane someday, and like Harvey there will likely be an aftermath where we can barely do anything to help. Yet you can help with the next hurricane now! Help your clients to get into solid home deals, with insurance and warranties, at great market prices, right-side up not upside down.

So, Texas lenders and realtors – get to work!

Help twice as many people and help them twice as much. Texas needs you. We understand that the business of this will bring you a lot of money. If your focus is on helping we won’t hold that against you. Now is the time to do business in Texas. Don’t be part of the disaster. Be part of the recovery. Speed up business health, sell and finance those homes in great deals. That’s the Texas-sized recovery we need.