Real Estate eLearning

More than just a training course, Your Agent University (YAU) is a fully featured online learning platform that allows brokerages to provide just-in-time training and support to real estate agents—across a wide variety of topics—while enhancing their own learning, 15 minutes at a time.


Connect agents with the information they need—when they need it—to optimize productivity and drive profitability. Agents engage in a series of interactive lessons and games that give them the opportunity to stop, think, make decisions, and take action, instantly streamlining their business activities.


Deliver a high-caliber learning experience through courses led by certified coaches who have mastered models and systems that have been proven to help agents up their game. Topics include Goal Setting, Productivity, Lead Generation, Buyer and Seller Systems, Technology Strategies, and Business Finance.


See which agents are engaged, which are excelling, and which need a helping hand. The Office Leadership Dashboard offers visibility into agents’ engagement. Agents can also track their own progress and stop and restart a course any time with content organized into 15-minute chunks.

MEET THE TEAM BEHINDYour Agent University

YAU is powered by instructors with a combined 125 years of real estate experience and an award-winning instructional design team, which includes former team members of Keller Williams University during the time the company was awarded the status of No. 1 Training Organization across all industries. Instructors include:

  • Alan Rice, Business Planning Specialist
  • Les McGehee, Productivity Guru
  • Jonathan Moerbe, Organizational Design Specialist
  • Mike Horwitz, Buyer and Seller Mastery, Lead-Generation Expert
  • Mel Reed, Lead-Generation Expert

Testimonials From Our Clients

Thank you so much for all you have done to help me. Specifically, I feel laser-focused on my goals and the ONE THING that is most important to me. I always feel excited for our calls because I know I will learn something new from you that I can add to my toolbox. Thanks again for all you do to help me grow both personally and professionally.

-Sharon G

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