Rialto Enterprise/Brokerage Campuses

Leverage a Rialto Campus to serve your current agents and attract new ones.


Serve your agents with:

  • Productivity training
  • Recruitment support
  • Marketing assets
  • Tools they need everyday
  • Support for your coaches
  • Connections to national Instructions and company programs
  • Meetings and internal marketing
  • Continuing education

With your campus, you will:

  • Build new revenue streams for your brokerage
  • Provide classes that are live virtual, on-demand, or in-person, with centralized enrollment
  • Offer a game changing platform other brokerages don't have
  • Grow as big as you can not just as big as your office building
  • Have everything in one place
  • Provide state of the art training that is continually improved
  • Increase staff happiness - we are leverage for you!


Emerick Peace Speaks about Rialto Brokerage Campus

Alan Rice Speaks about Rialto Brokerage Campus

1.  Start with a free strategy call.

You'll meet with our experts to examine your current brokerage offerings and affiliate revenue, and we’ll determine how a Rialto Campus can help. This includes a free “Brokerage Opportunity Audit,” a $1000 value.
Discover how much revenue is available to you, how much labor can be reduced, and how much agent value can be increased.

2.  Launch your custom strategy.

After we agree on your unique campus plan, we build your solution with you. Rialto works side-by-side with you during Rialto Enterprise Campus build, launch, and initial operations, training your team members and working side-by-side with them.

3. Enjoy increased Agent satisfaction.

Your campus and your Rialto campus team are focused on improving agent AND staff productivity and satisfaction. Provide your agents with what you've always wanted to provide, regardless of location, traffic, weather, illness, or training room space.

Connect with your agents, anytime and anywhere.

The Rialto Enterprise/Brokerage Campus® empowers real estate associations and offices to connect with their agents, offering greater service and connection where and when agents want it. With on-demand classes and meeting spaces, and integration of in-person classes and attendance tracking, we can create a custom campus that fits your specific needs.


The Campus

The Rialto Education Campus® is customized for you.
•  Your branding
•  Your content

It becomes the center of education for your office. Use it as your intranet. Connect it to Zoom meetings, and you can pivot because of weather, spread out agents, a change of instructor, or traffic. Your engagement is not limited to the square footage of your facilities or the location of your agents.


The Connection

Providing extra service to your agents by bringing classes, meetings, and masterminds right to their fingertips. Members no longer have to hunt for links or files — your campus ensures ease of access.

The Content

Through your campus, you can easily store recorded meetings, training, and presentations and connect your agents to them, taking advantage of unlimited video storage. If you have content, it's on the campus.

Want to learn more? Interested in a demo?


A Campus for free?™

Kind of! Rialto Campuses empower revenue. Rialto developed a 3-tier system that grows affiliate revenue. Affiliates have been happy to pay for brokerage campuses while providing better service to your agents. At the same time, campus efficiencies give agents more training AND more production hours.

More agents?

Your state-of-the-art campus engages agents in the most modern and efficient manner. You and your agents can recruit to a higher value proposition. Your campus is a big differentiator from other brokerages and brands. Agents stay because you provide what they need with superior, modern efficiency.

production revenue?™

Combined recruitment and increased retention supercharge your agent count. Using your campus, agents find what they need more easily, quickly, habitually, and without bugging your staff. Agents grow with better access to training, and they stay because they train in less time and can’t get this quality business advantage elsewhere.

Rialto Active Association and Brokerage Campuses