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Whether you are a real estate board, a large office, or a conference transitioning to a virtual version, Rialto Academy is here to help. We offer turnkey platform solutions, advise on and create content, and train your staff to run virtual platforms.

Real Estate Boards

With Rialto’s help, provide both continuing education and professional development to your members when they need it the most. We provide the platform, the processes, and, with consultation with you, the content. Our landmark client is the Austin Board of REALTORS®, with multiple projects launching across the country. We help you provide the training your members need, in the fastest, most convenient way possible.


Instead of canceling your conference, go virtual! Rialto’s services allow you to move forward with your conference, using a platform that is easy to operate for you and your instructors. We are associated with ConferenceDirect, a leading conference servicing company, allowing us to easily work with you, your sponsors, and your attendees. Keep your conference going, at a fraction of the cost.

Real Estate Offices

The majority of real estate offices have a flow of content that depends on live attendance. By working with us, you not only can build a central hub for your content, but you can build it into a library of resources that will support you as you retain and recruit talented agents. This hub becomes the central place to access all the information agents need, and meet with staff and each other in a virtual setting.

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